The Vulcan Institute of Earth Culture is a subsidiary of the Vulcan Language Institute, which attempts to assist the Vulcans in understanding the culture, customs and history of Earth through articles and pages on Terran terminology. The Vulcans have been trying hard to understand humans since First Contact. Some Vulcans find humans very much like their own ancestors, which causes them some internal discomfort. Despite their sometimes dismissive behavior towards humans, even following the lessening of guiding and supervision of Earth after the events of Surak's katric ark being found with the help of Jonathan Archer, Vulcans find much of Earth's life forms, history, customs and culture very fascinating, even if they don't always understand everything.

Due to wars and volcanism, the Vulcans have lost a great deal of their past. Because of this, they feel a certain connection with humans having gone through the Eugenics Wars, World War III and the Post-Atomic Horror. Vulcan has very little current biodiversity and they study the rich history of life on Earth enthusiastically. They also find some of the Earth's history, like the Sailing Age of Earth's seas, the Trojan War, the world wars, ancient myths and gods/goddesses, past entertainment forms, holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, etc., to be of great interest in trying to understand humans.

The pages that exist now and will be added later will explore many of the facets of Earth's history, customs and culture to help Vulcans better understand humans. We hope that you will enjoy looking through this material, learning new vocabulary, how the Vulcans call uniquely Earth things, etc. These pages contain much more than just Earth culture. Click the button below to go the directory of pages.

The Vulcan Institute of Earth Culture is a subsidiary of the Vulcan Language Institute.

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