This is the home of the Vulcan languages Traditional Golic Vulcan (spoken by Surak and used for centuries in Literature, Religion and Ceremonies), Modern Golic Vulcan (its contemporary counterpart), Lowlands Golic Vulcan (a sister language to Modern), Insular Golic Vulcan (an extinct sister language to Traditional), FthinraKathi (a distantly-related, extinct language) and Nataki (an extinct, mysterious Vulcan language). We mainly focus on the first two. At least one of our words made it onto Star Trek: Enterprise during its final season and some of our work appeared in the German-language fan film Star Trek: Dark Horizon. Several sources state that our work is the most developed of any science fiction or fantasy language.

In addition to language lessons and many pages with specialized terminology, we have information on noted Vulcans, Vulcan history, etc. We are also the home of the Vulcan Institute of Earth Culture (VIEC) and have many pages devoted to terminology related to Terran culture for the benefit of Vulcans. A separate entry page has been added and more pages are being worked on for it.

This site does not refer to any material in the "reboot" Star Trek films, which is not part of our Star Trek universe. Only information from STOS, STAS, STNG, STDS9, STV and STE, and movies and books based on these, can be found here.

Our TGV/MGV-Dutch, TGV/MGV-German, TGV/MGV-French, TGV/MGV-Icelandic, TGV/MGV-Italian, TGV/MGV-Japanese, TGV/MGV-Klingon, TGV/MGV-Polish, TGV/MGV-Spanish and TGV/MGV-Turkish dictionaries are online to aid speakers of those languages. We will eventually do a small one for Latin, because of its historical importance. We have no plans for any other languages for the forseeable future.

We also have a page on Facebook ( We will post updates there as they happen and if we ever have any problems, they will be addressed there. Be sure to save the link. It will remain available no matter what. If you ever have problems accessing the site, be sure to let us know there.

Our Internet provider stopped support for personal webpages and we could no longer update the site. We moved the site to a new hosting service to maintain its presence online. We have a new URL and e-mail address to go with the move. The old site location may remain online for awhile, since we cannot remove it ourselves, but it is now obsolete without being able to update it.

This is the simple version of our front page for compatibility and display purposes. The new format of our site may not display correctly in Internet Explorer or several other older browsers.

There will be no updates or additions to this site for several months, at least, starting in mid-April 2016. The director's rent went up so much that he is having to give up internet and cable service. The domain and hosting have been paid up through late 2017.

There are tons of things to check out on this site. Enjoy your visit!

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