Lt. Chu'lak was a Starfleet science officer. His first assignment was under Captain Jason Stone on the Strata. He later served aboard the Grissom for ten years, and was one of only six survivors when that ship was destroyed by the Jem'Hadar during the Battle of Ricktor Prime. Following the destruction of the Grissom, he was assigned to Deep Space 9. The loss of the Grissom and the deaths of many friends caused Chu'lak severe emotional problems. He obtained a TR-116 rifle and modified it to include a micro-transporter and an exographic targeting sensor, which allowed him to kill from his quarters. He killed three people before he was stopped by Lt. Ezri Dax.


      He was a psychiatric analyst stationed at the Vulcan Compound on Earth for some years in the early period of Starfleet. He returned to Vulcan after the original charter for the United Federation of Planets was signed.


      He was an officer for a number of years at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco on Earth, where he served as an aide to Admiral Bullock.


      He was a highly skilled architect, who was the original bond-mate of T'Pol. His father was a member of the Vulcan High Command. Koss and T'Pol were finally married in 2154, although, later that year, Koss ended his marriage with T'Pol after the death of her mother. Shortly after that, their marriage was legally dissolved.


      He was a V'tosh ka'tur who served as an engineer aboard the Vahklas, a Vulcan civilian transport.


      Minister Kuvak was a member of the Vulcan High Command prior to its dissolution in 2154. When Jonathan Archer and T'Pau presented the Kir'Shara to the High Command, and accused Administrator V'Las of framing the Syrannites for the Earth embassy bombing, Kuvak incapacitated V'Las and ordered the invasion forces headed for Andor to withdraw. Following the removal of V'Las from office and the dissolution of the High Command, Kuvak assumed an important role in the new Vulcan government and promised a less supervisory role in Vulcan's future relations with Earth.


      Lojal was a representative to the United Federation of Planets during the late 24th Century.


      Menos was a 22nd Century Vulcan undercover operative. He was assigned to infiltrate a cell of smugglers but turned rogue and became one himself. He was known for smuggling dangerous bio-toxins. The Vulcan High Command ordered T'Pol to capture him, which she did with the help of Captain Archer and the Enterprise.


      He was one of the crew of a Vulcan survey ship that crash-landed in Pennsylvania in 1957. His mastery of the game of pool earned him money to live on until rescue. He also worked as a coal miner. He became a local hero after saving a bunch of miners following an accident. He chose to remain on Earth, rather than return to Vulcan when a rescue ship arrived. T'Mir and Stron reported that Mestral had perished in the crash of their ship. He lived through the time of the Third World War and the Post-Atomic Horror, and is thought to have still been living at the time of the official first connect between Earth and the Vulcans.


      He was an officer in the Vulcan High Command. In 2152, Subcommander Muroc was assigned to a cruiser that was sent to settle a dispute on a planet claimed by both the Andorians and the Vulcans. When the Andorians requested that Captain Jonathan Archer mediate, Muroc was sent to escort Ambassador Soval. He remained an influential officer for many years.


      He was an important medical doctor in the 21st and 22nd Centuries, who participated in many interplanetary medical conferences.


      She was a Starfleet officer and protégée of Spock. She was of mixed heritage, the daughter of a Vulcan prisoner and Romulan jailer. Spock rescued her from a planet occupied by Romulans and became her legal guardian. On the Genesis planet, when the regenerating Spock experienced his first pon farr, she mated with him, saving his life. Although there were some rumors, no child resulted from this union. She later left Starfleet and took up a position at the Vulcan Science Academy. She apparently never married.


      He served for an undetermined time as Ambassador Sarek's personal aid, secretly using his highly developed telepathic skills to maintain the ambassador's emotional control, which he had trouble keeping due to Bendii Syndrome. His service with Sarek ended with the ambassador's death.


      Also known as Sokona, she was a weapons dealer, who furnished arms to the Maquis rebels. She was convinced that it was logical to support the people on the colonies left in Cardassian territory. Her logic was refuted by showing her that with the Cardassian situation as it existed, peace could be achieved without a fight.


      Sarek was the father of Sybok and Spock, and long held the rank of Ambassador in the United Federated Planets. In his early career, he was stationed on Earth, where he met and later married Amanda Grayson, a teacher. They returned to Vulcan, where Spock was raised. He carried out many successful diplomatic missions during his long career. After the death of Amanda, he married another Earth woman, Perrin. Late in life, he was afflicted by Bendii Syndrome, which ultimately took his life. He remains one of the most respected Vulcans to have ever lived.


      A Starfleet officer, he served on a number of ships, at Starfleet Headquarters and at Starfleet Academy. He retired as a full admiral.


      For many years the Chief of the Vulcan Security Service. During the Stone of Gol Incident, when T'Paal pretended to be an agent among the rebels, he exposed the plot and took the whole group into custody.


      A decorated Starfleet officer, Rear Admiral Savar was stationed at Starfleet Headquarters when he was taken over by a parasitic intelligence which attempted to infiltrate Starfleet Command in 2364. He was released from its control when the mother creature was destroyed.


      He was the first-born son of Tuvok and T'Pel. He became a noted musician after completing his primary schooling.


      A medical doctor, she served on board the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E, before moving on to other ships. She retired as a full admiral.


      Rear Admiral Sitak was a Starfleet officer. In the 2370's, she played a prominent role in the Dominion War.


      He was a 24th Century Starfleet officer who commanded the starship T'Kumbra during the Dominion War. A decorated officer, he twice was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. He had attended Starfleet Academy with Benjamin Sisko and they remained rivals throughout their careers.


      An up-and-coming scientist, he was named Science Officer of the Enterprise after the departure of Xon. He died in a transporter malfunction before Enterprise's departure from spacedock during the V'ger Incident.


      Was an aide to Sarek for a number of years, later in the ambassador's career. No image of him is currently available.


      He was the Vulcan Ambassador to Earth for many years in the early days of Earth-Vulcan relations. He originally fought to restrain Earth from sending ships deep into space but eventually changed his opinions before the formation of the United Federation of Planets. He was severely injured in the bombing of the Earth embassy on Vulcan, being saved through the sacrifice of Admiral Forrest.


      During several tours, Spock served in Starfleet on the starship Enterprise as Science Officer, First Officer under Captain Christopher Pike and again as First Officer under Captain James T. Kirk, after the death of First Officer Gary Mitchell. Some time before it was decided that ship would be returned to earth for a major refit, he left Starfleet and went home to Vulcan, where he entered kolinahr training. During the V'ger Incident, he returned to Starfleet, abandoning his kolinahr training. He later was promoted to the rank of captain, still later became a teacher at Starfleet Academy and was briefly Enterprise's commanding officer on cadet training voyages.
      He gave his life at Genesis to save the Enterprise and her crew from Khan Noonian Singh. The Genesis Effect regenerated his body, which was returned to Vulcan and rejoined with his katra through the ancient fal-tor-pan technique.
      Spock, who later took the position of Federation Ambassador, currently lives on Romulus, where is bringing the teachings of Surak to the Romulans. Starting with the alliance during the Dominion War and moved by the events of the Shinzon-lead coup, the new Romulan leadership signed a new treaty with the Federation, and a much more open and friendly relationship now exists. The Neutral Zone has been abolished.


      He was the Chief Investigator of the Vulcan Security Directorate under Administrator V'Las. In 2154, Stel investigated the destruction of the Earth Embassy on Vulcan. It was later determined, through a mind-meld, that it was Stel who had planted the bomb on the orders of V'Las. Soval appeared before the Vulcan High Command and revealed Stel's part in the embassy bombing. V'Las countered that Stel was a Syrrannite and had been arrested. It is unknown what became of Stel but he was probably murdered by one of V'Las' henchmen.


      A minor Vulcan official, he was from an influential family. He was T'Pring's chosen mate and they married after she was released by Spock, following the kun-ut kali-fi. Because of his relationship with T'Pring, his reputation was damaged and he never rose to a very important position. T'Pring and Stonn remained together until his death. They did have at least one child, a daughter.


      A medical doctor in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries, Dr. Strom specialized in treating rare Vulcan diseases.


      Stron was a warp field specialist during the 20th Century. In 1957, Stron's vessel crash-landed on Earth in Pennsylvania. He worked as a plumber to earn a living until he could be rescued. He and crewmate T'Mir were eventually rescued by another Vulcan ship.


      The most beloved and respected of all Vulcans who ever lived. He was the founder of modern Vulcan philosophy. He instigated The Great Reform, which put an end to millennia of warfare. He was murdered during a peace mission but his work continued past his death. His ideals of logic and IDIC remain foundations of Vulcan society. His Katric Ark was found in 2137 and, in 2154, his katra was transferred to the Hall of Knowledge for all Vulcans to have access to.


      He was Sarek's son from his first wife and Spock's half-brother. He refused the Vulcan way of suppressing emotions, was shunned by his father and eventually left Vulcan for good. Many years later, using his powerful mental abilities, he gathered a group of followers from various worlds to help him steal a starship and go in search of Sha Ka Ree, the lost paradise in Vulcan mythology. Taking over the Enterprise, he apparently succeeded in his quest, only to discover it was really the prison-world of a powerful, evil entity. In order to keep the being from escaping, Sybok used his powers to stop it and, in so doing, gave his life.

Syrran (aka Arev)

      He was the founder of a small group called the Syrrannites, who were dedicated to returning the Vulcans to what they believed to be the true teachings of Surak. In 2137, he discovered the Katric Ark containing the katra of Surak and took Surak's katra into his own mind. Syrran assumed the alias Arev, which means "desert wind" in one of the Vulcan languages. By 2154, while searching for the Kir'Shara, he was fatally injured by an electrical discharge from a sandfire storm. His last act was to mind-meld with the human Jonathan Archer, transferring the katra of Surak to him.


      He was a science officer in Starfleet in the late 24th Century. He had the distinction of being one of the most skilled darts players in the Alpha Quadrant.


      One of the most skilled telepaths at Mt. Seleya, she is best known as the high priestess who carried out the fal-tor-pan, which reunited Spock's regenerated body with his katra.


      Admiral T'Lara was a 24th Century Starfleet officer, who is best known for presiding over an extradition hearing in 2372 on Deep Space 9 of Lt. Commander Worf, who was accused by the Klingons of firing on an unarmed civilian transport.


      She was an instructor at the Vulcan Science Academy in the 22nd Century. She had only one child, a daughter named T'Pol. After she lost her job on falsified charges, she joined the Syrrannites. In 2154, she died in T'Pol's arms when the Vulcan High Command bombed the Syrranite compound.


      She was a space explorer during the 20th Century. In 1957, the vessel T'Mir was serving on crash-landed on Earth in Pennsylvania. To earn money to live on until rescue, she took a job as a cleaning woman in a tavern. T'Mir also salvaged something from their wrecked ship and sold it to a businessman, who developed it into what would later be called Velcro. She and crewmate Stron returned to Vulcan when a rescue ship arrived. T'Mir was the grandmother of T'Les and great-grandmother of T'Pol.


      She was a member of an underground movement of separatist Vulcans, who wished to free Vulcan from all alien influences. She attempted to take possession of the Stone of Gol, an ancient psionic weapon which uses an enemy's aggressiveness against them. Captain Picard of the Enterprise-D foiled her plans to use the stone.


      For a number of years she was the director of the Vulcan Science Academy. She was blamed for the murder of Dr. Reyga, inventer of a new kind of metaphasic shield. She was proved innocent by the crew of the Enterprise-D.


      One of the most respected women in Vulcan history, a skilled high priestess and politician. She participated in Vulcan affairs much of her life. She was the only Vulcan to have turned down a seat on the Federation Council. She was a descendant of Surak, the grandmother of Sarek, and great-grandmother of Sybok and Spock. She lived well over 200 years but her actual age at death is unknown outside of Vulcan.


      She was the wife of Starfleet security officer Tuvok. They married in 2304. She is the mother of three sons and one daughter.


      She was a Vulcan philosopher from before the Time of Awakening. She is known as "Matron of Vulcan Philosophy". Her book History of Logic is a standard text on Vulcan. Surak was a student and follower of hers. No known image of her survives.


      The first Vulcan to serve permanently on a Starfleet vessel. She served under Jonathan Archer for nearly four years. She was briefly married to Koss but their marriage was terminated. She and crewmate Charles "Trip" Tucker had an illegally engineered daughter, Elizabeth, who did not survive childhood. After the death of her intended mate, Lt. Commander Tucker, she returned to Vulcan.


      She was originally Spock's bond-mate. They had been bonded when they were seven, as was usual amongst most Vulcan families. When Spock's pon farr finally arrived, T'Pring did not want to be mated with Spock, because she had promised herself to another man, Stonn, although she claimed it was because she did not want to be the wife of a legend. She chose the kun-ut kali-fi but cunningly tricked Spock into fighting his friend, James Kirk. Spock released her from their bond. Even though her honor was officially preserved, she was treated as pariah the rest of her life by many in Vulcan society. She did marry Stonn and they remained together until his death. They did have at least one child, a daughter.


      T'Rea was a Vulcan princess who was the first wife of Sarek. She would later become a High Master of Gol. She was the mother of Sybok. No image of her is available.


      Originally from Vulcana Regar, T'Shanik failed in her first bid for a spot at Starfleet Academy in 2364. The following year, she tried again and was accepted. She had a distinguished career in Starfleet, serving for nearly thirty years before retiring.


      Was a Starfleet officer, serving on the Enterprise-D and Enterprise-E under Jean-Luc Picard, before moving to other ships. Has a twin brother, Vorik, who was also in Starfleet.


      Captain Tavek served in the Vulcan High Command and, in the 2150's, served as commanding officer of the Nyran.


      In the 22nd Century, he commanded the Vahklas, a Vulcan civilian transport. He was a member of the V'tosh ka'tur, a sect of Vulcan society that did not believe in repressing emotions but instead in embracing them.


      Captain Tellus was the commanding officer of the survey ship D'Vahl in the 20th Century. In 1957, he retrieved T'Mir and Stron from Earth, where they had crashed earlier.


      He was a crewmember on the Vahklas, a civilian transport encountered by the Enterprise in 2151. He and the rest of the crew were V'tosh ka'tur. He attempted a mind-meld on T'Pol, who was forced to tear herself away, leaving both of them with mental trauma. T'Pol contracted Pa'nar Syndrome from this improperly performed mind-meld.


      He was a Vulcan diplomat stationed on Earth in the 22nd Century. When the Klingon, Klaang, crash-landed on Earth, Tos was one of those involved in the investigation. Tos was able to negotiate the Klingons out of sending a squadron of warbirds to Earth and prevented an interplanetary war.


      He served in Starfleet during two widely spaced periods in his life. He first attended Starfleet Academy as a young man, eventually rising to serve on the Excelsior under Captain Hikaru Sulu. He eventually left Starfleet, returned to Vulcan and went through the kolinahr training. Years later, he reentered Starfleet, rising to be Chief Security Officier on Voyager during its long journey home from the Delta Quadrant. He remained in Starfleet until he could retire, then returned home to Vulcan for good.


      Ambassador V'Lar was a prominent diplomat in the 21st and 22nd Centuries, playing a prominent role in several treaties with the Andorians. She was respected by Vulcans as highly as Ambassador Sarek would be years later.


      V'Las was the Administrator of the Vulcan High Command in the 22nd Century. He was behind the bombing of the Earth Embassy on Vulcan, which killed Starfleet Admiral Forrest, amongst others. In 2154, V'Las planned to launch a preemptive strike against the Andorians. When Captain Jonathan Archer and T'Pau brought the recovered Kir'Shara to the High Command, the plot began to unravel. Minister Kuvak, who had long questioned the administrator's decisions, seized control of the government and called off the attack on the Andorians. V'Las was removed from office. It was later determined that he had been conspiring with a Romulan undercover agent, Major Talok, to set the stage for the conquest of Vulcan by the Romulans.


      She was a Starfleet officer and protégée of Spock. There was some conjecture that they had a personal relationship. She was involved with the plot to disrupt the peace negotiations between the Klingons and Federation. She was exposed by Spock himself through a forced mind-meld. She was expelled from Starfleet and sentenced to intense reeducation on Vulcan. Although she was successfully rehabilitated, she remained a pariah the rest of her life.


      Captain Vanik was commanding officer of the Ti'Mur from 2136 until at least 2151. His ship came to the rescue of one of the NX-1 Enterprise's shuttles which had become stranded on a comet.


      He was a Starfleet officer, serving on Voyager for seven years, before moving to other ships. Has a twin brother, Taurik, who was also in Starfleet.


      He was a Starfleet officer who was briefly assigned to the Enterprise after Spock left the ship before its major refit. He left to take up a posting on another ship, not wanting to wait the many months until the Enterprise returned to service. He served many years on a number of Federation ships, before retiring. Like several other Vulcans, decades later he reentered Starfleet during the Dominion War.


      He was a medical doctor in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries, who specialized in developing treatments for conditions such as Pa'nar Syndrome. Although there was some discrimination against him for a long time, after it was revealed that he was a mind-melder, changes in Vulcan public opinion eventually lead to the acceptance of mind-melding as "normal" under the right circumstances.


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